More Human Than Human


My son has started to get into anime.  I’ve recently introduced him to one of my favorites: Heat Guy J.  J is a “heat guy” (android) who is sharing epigrams, little bits of manly wisdom with his human partner, Daisuke.  It’s been fun to watch and discuss J’s different sayings:

  • A Man should not show signs of pain in front of the enemy.
  • A Man recharges his being by letting his soul float peacefully in the semi-darkness.
  • A Man’s appearance is a very personal choice.
  • When a Man starts to question the limits of his endurance, defeat prepares to pounce!
  • A self-respecting and honorable Man does his best every day.
  • A Man shouldn’t worry about his body. Vanity is the fertile soil for the seeds of self-destruction.
  • The stars shining in the sky; the legacy of the past guiding you to your destiny.
  • It is dangerous for a Man to be too sentimental, he must accept reality in its own terms.
  • A good sleep gives a Man great comfort.
  • A Man must fight for his good and true friend.
  • A Man only exists to bring the future into being.
  • A Man should not have to make excuses.
  • When a Man looks up to the sky there is an expectation of hope.
  • It is in the aesthetics of a Man not to reveal true feelings.
  • A Man must always keep his eye on the enemy. It’s absolutely imperative.
  • Although it was an accident, a Man must take responsibility for actions that are his fault.
  • A Man who is overly influenced by accepted ideas cannot step into the future.
  • A Man should never expect to be thanked.
  • A good feeling in a Man will often cause him to do things that bring forth a new challenge.
  • A real Man has a true feeling like this deep in his heart.
  • A Man shouldn’t be too curious unless it’s necessary.
  • If a man has good intentions, he should not expect thanks.
  • A man shouldn’t back away from the fear that lies in front of him.
  • A man should try hard and always do his best at work and never be concerned with what the outcome may be.
  • A man should not speak through words, he should instead speak through his heart so that everyone understands how he feels.
  • A man should find what he searches for on his journey.

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