Raising the Next Generation

Being a father is tough.  In your head you know the kind of Dad you want to be, but sometimes reality doesn’t quite match up.  You lose yer temper or your extremely blunt when you don’t need to be.  In your head & heart you want to be different, better than you father was.  You could try and explain to them, “Well, if you think I’m bad lemme share some stories about yer Grandpa…” but that’s just putting your own parents down and the reality is kids don’t care.  They don’t really care where you came from (nor do they no), just how you are acting now.  So we struggle to rise above our past and be the parent we wanted as a kid.  Then when our kids are older it will dawn on them (as it did me last night), “Man, if my old man acted like this as a father, his Dad must have been really hard on him.”  We hope that one day the circle of struggle will be broken for good and there will be a generation that is raised as fairly “normal” (as normal as can be) without the extra hang ups (divorce, addiction, etc.)  The question becomes, how much of your past do you share with your kids & when?  I like what my uncle tells his kids, “Remember, I’m not trying to be the best Dad in the world…just good enough.”


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