Fear & Anger

We all know that fear & anger are not good things.  They are base emotions that we cannot control, but we can look at how we react to them.  Do you hold on to your anger?  Do you let fear be your guide?  Given a “fight or flight” situation, my general reaction is fight.  This is not necessarily a bad thing,  but I think my issues with anger come from that base reaction.  I have issues of letting go of my anger, particularly when it is my wife or children that have been wronged.  I am working on trying to let those anger issues i have go, but I fear I will forever be the “pit bull on a leash”.  I am trying to learn to be assertive while not coming off as a jerk, but when your kid is in a situation it’s really hard not to “let slip the dogs of war.”  So I continue my struggle of being in control and trying to be a gentleman, but my kids know that if they need “the heavy” just ask Dad and step back…because I will take care of the situation.


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