Apple Critters

I am an introvert.  This is a bit ironic because I am an identical twin.  That being said, just because I’m an introvert doesn’t mean I cannot socialize (my wife tells me I’m very good at socializing) it just means being around people doesn’t “recharge” my batteries.  This weekend I took my son to a cub scout camp out at the aquarium.  I really didn’t look forward to it, because it meant being around lots of people all the time and sleeping on really uncomfortable floors.  I sucked it up and put on a smile.  I stepped up and lead when it was needed.  On the way home I was going to make a much needed Starbucks run when my son asked for  some “apple critters”.  I had to laugh and correct him that it was apple fritters.  At first I said no because he had just had a big breakfast, but then I thought, “what the heck, we’re on a road trip.”  He was so thankful it almost shamed me.  When we got back my wife asked him how was it?  “It was great!  Almost better than the cruise! (that we had recently gone on at Christmas)”  One of the high lights for him was to run around at a fort with his friends playing tag.  At first, I didn’t want him to run around and get hurt.  Eventually the crowds at the fort thinned out and the kids had a blast playing tag.  Sometimes we forget as adults the simple pleasures of exploring and playing. Next time you start to say “no…” to your child stop and remember that life can be as simple as tag & apple critters and say “yes” instead.


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