An elegant weapon… for a more civilized age

Sometimes fate & timing seem like the same thing.  A long time ago in  a galaxy far, far away….I started reading the blog Art Of Manliness.  Having grown up without a father that was always around (like Luke) I was most fascinated with the safety razor shaving posts.  I immediately wanted to ditch my electric razor and buy all the gear I would need to “shave like yer grandpa”.  But since I was young (and poor) and my razor was new, I did not bite the bullet and get the stuff.  Fast forward like the Falcon on the Kessal run to February 2017.  My electric razor has just died, I am financially in a better place, and I just chewed up my neck trying to shave with what ever disposable razor that I could find around the house.  My wife was a bit exasperated with my complaining of low quality shaving utensils, recommended that I “finally get that shaving stuff you’ve always wanted.” Heck, valentine’s day was coming up so that was my gift from her.  I went to task reading reviews for what I would need.  My weapon of choice was a Merkur 23C (long handle) safety razor (thanks to an excellent review by a gent on amazon who listed out all the stuff he uses).  I couldn’t buy the entire shopping list of products, but I got the basics.  Light saber = safety razor is a decent analogy when you are shaving with one for the first time (especially if you haven’t wet-shaved in years!)  Ultimately, I love it!  Yes, it’s dangerous (like a light saber) but it really forces you to “slow down” and pay attention to the moment.  That’s been a recent theme lately in my life, stop and smell the flowers (or go on night walks with the wife with a cup of hot tea).  When my son learns to shave I plan on teaching him the “old school” safety razor way (might even pass down my Merkur 23C).  Learn from the past and share it with the future.


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