Bring me the hydrospanner

Kids are funny growing up.  In an instant they go from wanting you to do everything to not wanting your help at all.  I was able to coax my son into doing the majority of his pinewood derby car recently.  I was nice to see him get some self-confidence as he worked with saws and sanders.  My teenage daughter decided she would make a wooden shelf by herself.  Every time I offered her a hand she would yell, “I’ve got it! I don’t need your help”…and she didn’t.  I’m most impressed that she listened to me and used a socket as a template for her corners.  Then she ask, “Well, how do I cut this?”  A jigsaw was my reply and I got it out for her.  She sighed,”I hate using that thing.”  (She’s only used it once or twice in the past).  Upon hearing this, I asked her, “Want me to cut it for you?” “No! I’ve got it, thanks.” was her rebellious reply.  It came out pretty good.  Her first cut was a bit rough, but the other 3 corners were good.  She also didn’t balk when I gave her a rasp to use for sanding.  I’ve always included the kids in home projects and it was nice to see them apply that knowledge (even if there was a little sass involved…gingers.)


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