Simple Decent Housing

I owe a lot to Habitat for Humanity.  Many moons ago, I was “taking a break” from college and needed to do something with my life.  I decided to volunteer at Habitat For Humanity in Americus, GA.  While I was there, I found: a career, a wife, and a sense of simplicity.  Too many people today want “the huge house with 4 bathrooms” (and they want it as their first home!)  Building a simple, decent house for a family in need really changed my outlook on what is truly “needed”.  It’s a struggle with where I live, especially for my kids.  Many of their friends have these McMansions, but we have our simple yellow house.  Years ago we were briefly tempted with moving/upgrading (a neighbor turned bad pushed us there). We toughed it out (and built a 6 foot fence instead) and I am very thankful we did not move.  You don’t need much, and you can always upgrade the quality of what you have (add hardwood floors and tile — by yerself if you are half crazy like us!).


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