A Father’s Hands

I grew up reading comic books, particularly “Wolverine”.  When I saw this movie poster I was deeply moved by the imagery.  The extended claws say, “I am dangerous”.  The cuts on the hand, “I will bleed for you”.  The little hand holding Logan’s, “You can trust me”.  The image as a whole, “I will protect you no matter the cost”.  These are all things I want my children to see in me, that no matter what life throws at us I will be there for them.  I deliberately do not wear gloves when working with my hands.  This has given me some wicked blisters, but eventually I also develop some awesome calluses.  I have started to train my son in the same way.  “We have man hands, we don’t need gloves.”  This has been particularly helpful in baseball, so he’s not fooling around with a baseball glove instead of being ready to play.  I can proudly see the “true grit” developing in my son, who now plays catcher.  He’ll take a ball to the body or face mask and not even flinch.  I’m trying hard to develop my “father hands” and build my children up instead of tearing them down.


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