Heat Guy J

Daisuke (young guy with gun) & J (andtroid)

Daisuke: It’s always the same, J; Same old boring routine!
J: When a Man starts to question the limits of his endurance, defeat prepares to pounce!
Daisuke: You mean “Don’t complain”, right? Easy for you to say, but I’m not a machine.
J: Then face it like a Man, Daisuke.
Daisuke: Yeah, yeah, yeah; I’ll do my best – starting tomorrow OK?
J: A self-respecting and honourable Man does his best every day.

This is an anime series that my brother introduced me to. It’s very well written with a definitive story-line. The interaction between J & Daisuke (Dice) is my favorite part of the show. J is always trying to share with Dice “what it means to be a man”, which is interesting coming from an android (robotic humanoid).


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