Fort Buck

 So the fence is now installed & looks great!  I feel like I have a new backyard, free from nosy neighbor’s prying eyes.  The “bush solution” was to let the installers “dig up” the offending shrub.  The reality was they simply stomped on the thing to get it out of their way.  After the posts were set, I went and snapped off all the broken branches and added them to my limbs pile in my backyard.  The bush turned out to be smaller then I thought, kinda like the problem I thought it was going to be.  Now I just need to decide what to do about the neighbors fence that borders my yard.  It is in sore need of repair & painting (she paints “her” side).  My wife suggested we off to pay for replacing it & have all new pickets installed, at the same height as our new fence.  We shall see….


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